Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Whether its games or applications, X-reve is ahead of the pack with innovative ways to interact with your mobile devices.

Signal Booster

Signal Booster enables you to refresh and boost your WiFi and
NETWORK signal in the easier and faster way.
You just need one click to refresh and boost the signal.

* No device reboot required.
* No additional hardware required.
* Fast boosting process.
QR Code

QR Code is an application that can scan/read and generate/write website URL’s, 
plain text, phone number, email address, contact, calendar, task and any other 
alphanumeric data in or to QR Code.
You can easily to generate or read the QR Code by using this application which 
provides you an easy way to generate and scan your QR Code.    
Fully integrated with the native Calendar, Contact, Task and Memo application.    
BBM Connected.    

- Easy to send and upload the QR Code to Facebook, BBM, MMS and Email.

Rebooter is a small utility application to help you to reboot your BlackBerry devices 
without pulling out the battery.  One clicks to reboot your device.    

* Schedule automated reboot.  
* No additional hardware required.
Screen Shooter

Screen Shooter will help you make a picture of your screen and save it into your media 
card or device or share it with your friends through MMS, Email and Facebook.    

* Easy to send and upload the screen shot to Facebook, BBM, MMS and Email.  
* Easy to attach a date to the screen shot.  
* Support JPEG and PNG.  
* Vibrate and sound alert.  
* No additional hardware required.
SMS Blocker

Have you experience or faced the problem of spam SMS?    Are you being stalked by a creeper?    
Being bothered by unknown?    Or maybe continually being spammed by telemarketers?    
They just come at any odd time and there was nothing you could do about it.    
But now you have an instant solution to these annoyance messages on your BlackBerry.    
SMS Blocker brings you an easy solution to block these annoying and unwanted SMS.    
SMS Blocker also fully compatible with the Black Berry native contacts and allows you to 
easily add the contact into the “Blocked Number”.    

* Auto Reply  
* Password Protector  
* LED Notification  
* Icon Notification
Address Book Cleaner
Address Book Cleaner is created for cleanup of Address Book on BlackBerry® to avoid duplicated contacts. 
Keep Address Book clean and contacts identical.    Why do you need to remove duplicates contacts from 
Address Book?  Sometimes the sync process is going wrong somewhere along the line and creating duplicate 
lists of some contacts to build up. You need to take time to find out and delete the duplicated contacts by hand.    
You just need a simple click, and then Address Book Cleaner will help you to cleanup all the duplicates contacts.    
You also can schedule an auto clean to cleanup your BlackBerry® daily, weekly or monthly automatically.
Alarm Clock
Most reliable alarm clock for BlackBerry® comes with a user friendly interface. Ensure you always wake up and be
on time with Alarm Clock.  You can add as many alarms as you want.  No more late or miss anything.

* Changeable alarm label
* Changeable alarm sound (you can browse your favorite sound or music as alarm sound as well)
* Changeable snooze time for each alarm
* Changeable alarm volume for each alarm
* Recurring alarm supported
* Vibration supported
Alert Popup  
Quickly read and reply to SMS, Email and PIN messages from a convenient popup window.  
Alert Popup provides a convenient popup dialog when a message is received at anywhere 
at any time. You won’t miss a single message since it will display on your BlackBerry Screen.    

* Either display sender only or display full content  
* Changeable received time font color  
* Changeable sender font color  
* Changeable subject font color (For Email and PIN message only)  
* Changeable content font color  
* Changeable SMS LED color  
* Changeable Email LED color  
* Changeable PIN LED color  
* Changeable transparency background  
* Changeable display timeout  
* Directly make a call to sender through popup  
* Directly reply SMS to sender through popup  
* Directly reply mail to sender through popup  
* Directly forward mail through popup  
* Directly mark mail as read through popup  
* Directly delete mail through popup
Email Blocker  
Email Blocker is easy to install and help you to get rid of all spam mail.    
Sadly, spam is a fact of life. Spammers are always thinking up new ways to get around security.    
If you looking for a spam mail blocker, you are on the right page.    
You can easy to block all these spam mail by Email Blocker.    

* Block Contact  
* Block Email Address  
* Block Email Contents  
* Block Unknown Email  
* Icon Notification  
* LED Notification
Darkness is around you? Don’t worry, you will never get lost in the dark. This app is easy to install and simple to use. 
When you need the light, just click the X-Flash app and you have your camera flashlight up and running as a flashlight.
X-Flash will never turn off until you turn it off and no time limit.  Besides that, we offer a Menu X-Flash as well. 
You can simply enable the Menu X-Flash and enjoy one click X-Flash at anywhere at anytime. No matter you are in 
facebook, twitter, BBM, MSN and etc.    
Included features:  
*Menu X-Flash  
*Battery indicator  
*Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit  
*Date display  
*Time display  
*Timer display
Memory Booster  
Memory Optimizer is simple and easy to use. It helps you to free up unused memory and make your device
become faster and smoother without rebooting or restarting your device. Memory Optimizer also come with the 
MENU BOOST, so you can boost your memory at anywhere at any time. No matter you are in facebook, twitter, 
BBM, game or etc.     Please give us a good review if you like our application – MEMORY OPTIMIZER!!!
Menu Utilities  
Menu Utilities is a bundle of menu applications that make your life easier. When you need them, you can launch them or 
view them whenever you want no matter you are playing game, surfing internet, chatting, facebook, twitter and etc.    
Menu Utilities includes following items:    
* Menu Time : Allow you to view the TIME either in 12 hour or 24 hour on the menu    
* Menu Date : Allow you to view the DATE in few different pattern on the menu    
* Menu Mobile Network : Allow you to turn on or turn off the MOBILE NETWORK on the menu    
* Menu WiFi : Allow you to turn on or turn off the WiFi on the menu    
* Menu Calculator : Allow you to open the CALCULATOR on the menu    
* Menu Battery : Allow you to view the BATTERY LEVEL in percent on the menu    
* Menu Battery Temperature : Allow you to view the BATTERY TEMPERATURE on the menu    
* Menu Camera : Allow you to open the CAMERA on the menu    
* Menu Video camera : Allow you to open the VIDEO CAMERA on the menu
X-Slide is a slider lock that helps you to lock and unlock your BlackBerry® screen. X-Slide prevents any unwanted key press activity, 
pocket calls and much more. No more worries the battery loss and accidental phone-calls.    
* Integrated with device lock button  
* Changeable slide label 
* Changeable slide label color  
* Changeable slide label flash color  
* Changeable slide label font family  
* Unlock sound  
* Unlock while out of holster  
* Lock the device when the backlight goes off.  
* Lock while on home screen only  
* Lock while on phone 
* Lock on custom idle timeout  
* Display battery as background while charging  
* Selectable background – you can use any image or photo on your device as a background image  
* Display title bar (Only available for device with OS 6 and above)  
* Support Touch-Screen and Non Touch-Screen devices
Darkness theme supports most of the devices running on OS 5 and OS 6.
Mystery Island  
This theme is based on one of the mystery island in the world!!!     
Install the mystery Muai-Muai stones and white sandy beach in your BlackBerry® devices.     
Relax by watching those great wall pictures, grab this cool theme before your friend and show to 
them with special offer price!!!
Portalaxy give you a dark mistery theme in order to support most devices running OS5.0 and Os6.0.     
Feel this cool mistery dark based theme and become the special one!     
Download it in a special prices!
Do you wana have a look how is the internal side of spaceships?     
A High Definition Spaceships wallpaper will make your device looks cool.     
This theme in order to support most devices running OS5.0 and os6.0.     
Be the first one to instll this cool theme among your friends.
Copyright (c) 2012 X-reve. All rights reserved. Contact us : support@x-reve.com